AFarCloud – Aggregate FARming in the CLOUD


AFarCloud will provide a distributed platform for autonomous farming that will allow the integration and cooperation of agriculture Cyber Physical Systems in real-time in order to increase efficiency, productivity, animal health, food quality and reduce farm labour costs. In other terms, a novel holistic view of farming and of everything tightly connected with the optimization of production, in order to promote a healthier life-style and reduced labour levels for workers. This platform will be integrated with farm management software and will support monitoring and decision-making solutions based on big data and real time data mining techniques.

The AFarCloud project also aims to make farming robots accessible to more users by enabling farming vehicles to work in a cooperative mesh, thus opening up new applications and ensuring re-uuability, as heterogeneous standard vehicles can combine their capabilities in order to lift farmer revenue and reduce labour costs.

The achievements from AFarCloud will be demonstrated in early laboratory trials, holistic demonstrators (Finland, Spain and Italy), including cropping and livestock management scenarios and local demonstrators (Latvia, Sweden and Czech Republic) in order to test specific functionalities and validate project results in relevant environments located in different European regions.

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